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Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder Draws Memorable Raleigh Performances, Huge Crowds 

It was a banner weekend for the Raleigh racers who headed to Boulder, Colorado for USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships. Raleigh covered all the bases and provided the best entertainment of the day during the main event: the Elite Men’s Championship Sunday afternoon. 

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Posted by Courtney Harkins January 13, 2014 Categories: American Classic team Cyclocross Cyclocross Team Raleigh-Clement

Cyclocross Nationals 2014: a Raleigh Team Preview  

(c) Dejan Smaic

The Raleigh-Clement Cyclocross Team, as well as the American Classic Pro Cyclocross Team, have plenty of success to build on in 2014. With Nationals around the corner and two of their best international riders—Caroline Mani from France and Ben Berden from Belgium—ineligible for the competition, how will the team stack up at the USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder, Colorado on January 13th?

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Posted by Craig Randall January 07, 2014 Categories: Cyclocross Team Raleigh-Clement

Real Men Have Hair: Q&A with Pro Cyclocross Rider Robert Marion 

With all of the coverage of Team Raleigh-Clement, some may have missed that another strong Raleigh-sponsored cyclocross team has been doing well at the same regional and UCI-category races. Team American Classic has been led by Robert Marion, a phenomenal racer known for sporting a bushy beard and bright red skinny jeans. 

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Posted by Courtney Harkins November 25, 2013 Categories: American Classic team Cyclocross Cyclocross Team