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Grind TV Features the Tamland 2 

Grind TV features Raleigh’s Tamland 2 in their ‘Do-Everything Hybrid Bike’ article.

The Tamland 2 is a bike that will take riders farther than where the road ends. Designed specifically for long rides in harsh conditions the Tamland begs for the road less traveled. Reynolds 631 Double Butted Chromoly tubing and longer chainstays with lower bottom bracket make the Tamland handle the high speeds and loose gravel with ease.

Editor’s Note: “The Tamland is the standard by which gravel-bike-specific design will be judged going forward. It is hands down the best-handling bike on gravel I’ve ridden to date.”

For the full feature on, click here.

Interested in Raleigh’s Tamland 2? 

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Outside Online Raves About Tamland 1 


Outside magazine got their hands on Raleigh's popular Tamland 1 and were more than impressed by its versatility. 

From riding to coffee shops to multi-hour spins to steep hills to smooth dirt singletrack, Outside believes the Tamland 1 can handle it all. The Editor noted, the Tamland 1 provides a "giddy experience."

Interested in the Tamland 1?  Click here to learn more 

Editor's Remark: "..Call it a gravel grinder if you want—I’m going with quarter horse. The Tamland is probably the most versatile, well-behaved, and eager bike I’ve ridden." 

Read the full review on Outside Online here.

Tamland 1


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Raleigh's Tamland 2 Featured in Road Magazine 

Raleigh's Tamland 2 had a small feature in the most recent issue of Road Magazine.

The Tamland 2 was created for long rides in harsh conditions, ideal for roads that have been less traveled. Know as a ‘gravel bike’, the Tamland 2 can handle high speeds and loose gravel with ease.

Interested in Raleigh’s Tamland 2? Click here for more information.

Editor’s Note: “Raleigh is one of the first companies to introduce a gravel specific bike. This is the Tamland and it’s a badass graveling machine.”

For the full Tamland feature in Road Magazine, click here.

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Raleigh Tamland in Open Air Life 

Open Air Life featured the Raleigh Tamland in their Fall 2013 Gear Guide.

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