Pedal for a Living as a Bike Tour Guide 

The striking scenery of the Badlands

This month we have another bike-tastic job for you to consider. It involves travel, the open road and a lot of logistics. Portland-based bicycle guide Matt Barney shares his take on the ultimate gig as bike tour guide, and how to find out if it’s right for you.

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Posted by gcd-shawn July 28, 2014 Categories: Raleigh Life

Summer Skarnage 

Photo: Philicia Marion

The 2014 season has been kind to the American Classic/Xpedo presented by Maxxis pro mountain bike team. We caught up with the racers to hear about how their season has gone so far, and what it’s like to ride the new Skarn.

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Posted by gcd-shawn July 28, 2014 Categories: Races Racing Raleigh Life

Meet the CX Rider Who Raced Her Way to a Pro Contract 

Three years ago, Raleigh decided to do something different: instead of negotiating contracts with racers in conference rooms, we brought the best together for a race for a pro contract. That’s how we found Jenni Gaertner; ‘cross rider, full-time physical therapist and part-time bike shop owner who kills it on the course.


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Posted by Craig Randall June 10, 2014

Sally Talks Shop: What it’s Like to Work in Bike Marketing 

All work and no play makes Sally a dull boy…fortunately, working with bikes, the two often overlap. Find out from Raleigh’s top marketing guy the ins and outs of the industry and the best beer to drink on the job. We’ll give you a hint, it starts with ‘R’ and rhymes with ‘pannier.’

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Posted by Craig Randall June 10, 2014 Categories: Raleigh Life

A Jam-Packed Summer for Team Raleigh-Clement 

The cyclocross specialists on Team Raleigh-Clement won't just be relaxing on the couch this summer. Instead they'll be logging big miles of training and racing as they lay a foundation for cyclocross. The team’s goal is to blend some full-gas intensity with fun, socially-focused endurance tests to create a big 'ol base of fitness.

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Posted by Craig Randall June 09, 2014 Categories: Racing