Real Men Have Hair: Q&A with Pro Cyclocross Rider Robert Marion 

With all of the coverage of Team Raleigh-Clement, some may have missed that another strong Raleigh-sponsored cyclocross team has been doing well at the same regional and UCI-category races. Team American Classic has been led by Robert Marion, a phenomenal racer known for sporting a bushy beard and bright red skinny jeans. 

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Posted by Courtney Harkins November 25, 2013 Categories: American Classic team Cyclocross Cyclocross Team

Raleigh RX 2.0 Featured in Cyclocross Magazine 



Cyclocross Magazine reviewed the Raleigh RX 2.0, calling it "a very worthy 'do it all' bike" and stating that Raleigh "has been impressive in their innovation and updating in the Cyclocross market." We're stoked! Head to your local Raleigh dealer to see if they still have any in stock and buy the Cyclocross Magazine issue while you're there.


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Posted by Courtney Harkins October 21, 2013 Categories: Cyclocross