• Road
    Raleigh Bicycles Road

    125 years ago, roads were not what they are now. They were unforgiving and cobbled. Most roads then were nothing more than dirt paths that were rutted out from horse buggy wheels. This is when we started making road bikes. This is when we started to learn what truly makes a road bike and what makes that bike connect with a rider. From our podium finishing CX and carbon race bikes, to our all out adventure seeing steel bikes. We make bikes that carry people farther than they ever thought possible, and bikes for every day commuting abuse. The surfaces we ride on have changed, and our bikes have evolved with them every step of the way.

    • Race
      Raleigh Bicycles Race

      Road Racing: A category true to our hearts, deep in racing heritage, and abundant in advancing technology. While we revere our storied history in racing, we strive to always create a new and improved race machine. The Militis series is the pinnacle of that rationale.

    • Endurance Race
      Raleigh Bicycles Endurance Race

      Bike performance is directly linked to shape and fit of a bike. Endurance riders demand fast bikes that are comfortable enough to pedal for hours, the Revenio and Capri meet those demands. The 2014 Revenio and Capri have received updated geometries in both the alloy and carbon versions. A key highlight includes the slackened seat angle, which shifts the rider’s center of gravity back and takes some weight off the handlebars. The result is reduced strain on wrists, elbows, neck and lower back. Less fatigue translates into improved stamina and comfort.

    • Endurance
      Raleigh Bicycles Endurance

      It’s true. It’s not the destination, but the journey. It’s about enjoying the route and taking in everything along the way. Our Endurance bikes have been re-examined and re-designed to ensure that every Cause Ride, every solo century or exploring a new local ride are your best yet. Because when you’re not feeling fatigued or strained at mile 67, the finish line appears so much closer.

    • Cyclocross
      Raleigh Bicycles Cyclocross

      The 2014 Raleigh Cyclocross bikes will continue to build Raleigh’s legacy in the mud. We examined every aspect of our proven Cyclocross bikes in an effort to take what was already good and make it great.

    • Commuter/Touring
      Raleigh Bicycles Commuter/Touring

      In an age of technology no one has been able to create a ride that matches the feel of a steel bicycle. We know this better than anyone in the bicycle industry. And it’s why we continue to make steel bikes like these today.

    • Fitness
      Raleigh Bicycles Fitness

      Combining the speed and agility of a road bike with the comfortable, upright riding position of a hybrid bike, the Cadent and Alysa are the perfect everyday sport bikes. The core purpose of these bikes is to be fun, fast, and stylish.

    • City/Path
      Raleigh Bicycles City/Path

      Not everyone has the luxury of perfectly smooth pavement and easy commuting, and not every dropbar road bike is perfectly fit for every commuter. Hence our City/Path bikes are a do-everything, go anywhere urban commuter.

    • Sport Comfort
      Raleigh Bicycles Sport Comfort

      The Tour de France? Let’s be real here. We aren’t exactly the spandex wearing, Tour de France crowd now are we? We like to have fun our bikes but not at the expense of our dignity. Pump up the tires and lets go for a spin.

    • Urban Trail
      Raleigh Bicycles Urban Trail

      Raleigh's urban commuters deliver the responsiveness of a road bike with the ruggedness of a mountain bike. Whether clearing potholes, jumping curbs, or navigating city traffic, the Misceo and Mesika are quick, agile and ready to handle any mixture of conditions.

    • Road Framesets
      Raleigh Bicycles RoadFramesets

      We’ve made the weapons for you. Now you can build them as only you’d have it built. All of our finest bikes are available as framesets for you build to suit your personality and riding style.

  • Mountain
    Raleigh Bicycles Mountain

    It is very rare to find anything that has evolved as quickly as the mountain bike. Just over 30 short years ago the world was introduced to the mountain bike in the form of a coaster brake and modified cruiser. Raleigh was quick to the dirt and quickly help develop some of the most cutting edge mountain bikes of their time. Our passion for the dirt is still very much alive and our love affair with the machines that get us there is growing stronger every day. Pushing us to design all new 27.5 trail and women’s bikes. And challenging us to create a 29” line of bikes that are a consistent editorial favorite. The growth of mountain bikes has been fun to be a part of from the beginning, and we’re excited to be a part of its future.

    • 29" Hardtail
      Raleigh Bicycles 29 Hardtail

      Growing our off-road business is a high priority for Raleigh in 2014. We examined every detail of our mountain bikes and made improvements to all of them for 2014. The Talus line boasts new frames with updated geometries that improve the bikes’ handling and ride quality.

    • 27.5" Hardtail
      Raleigh Bicycles 27.5 Hardtail

      Variety is something to be embraced while riding off-road. Berms, roots, rocks, jumps, and flow are all common things found on today’s newer bike-specific trails. Why not have a hardtail that is made for taming trails, not your riding?

    • 26" Hardtail
      Raleigh Bicycles 26 Hardtail

      The world is not flat. More so, the trails and streets you ride are not perfectly smooth and free of obstacles. You want a bike tough enough to take what is thrown at it. Jumping off curbs or trying out the local trails, these bikes are built to take on your world of adventure.

    • Cruiser
      Raleigh Bicycles Cruiser

      Bikes were made to be fun. And nothing has ever captured the pure simple enjoyment of riding a bike like the way cruisers have. Which is why they have remained relatively unchanged over the years. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

    • Youth
      Raleigh Bicycles Youth

      Every kid should have a great time riding a bike. In 2014, all of our kids bikes have been redesigned for a better fit, giving them better handling and making them safer. Our mission is to ensure their comfort and safety when they go out to experience the freedom that comes with that first ride.

    • Mountain Framesets
      Raleigh Bicycles Mountain Framesets

      We’ve made the weapons for you. Now you can build them as only you’d have it built. Some of our finest bikes are available as framesets for you build to suit your personality and riding style.