• Competition
    Raleigh Bicycles - competition

    Racing pure and simple. High speed and high risk. These are the bikes that inspire the confidence to push yourself a little faster and a little further than you’re sometimes comfortable with.

  • Endurance
    Raleigh Bicycles - Endurance

    This is the result when a bike is constructed with the best materials, and designed to optimize the most important component of a bike…the riders.

  • Heritage Steel
    Raleigh Bicycles - heritage steel

    We love to call our steel bikes our Heritage. Known as the original All Steel Bicycle Maker we have a deeper and richer history with this metal than anyone else creating bikes today.

  • Cyclocross
    Raleigh Bicycles - cyclocross

    Perhaps our favorite discipline. Nothing compares to pegging yourself full gas for 60 minutes on a course that is constantly changing underneath your tires. Every lap a new line. Every lap a new heckle. Every lap a different muddy grin.

  • Gravel
    Raleigh Bicycles - gravel

    The tools to take you where you want to go, whenever you want to go there. Not afraid of pothole strewn alleys or viaducts and totally at home on long lonely farm roads in North Dakota. It’s up to you when you hit the Dead End sign whether you’ll trust your Garmin, or your gut.

  • Fitness
    Raleigh Bicycles Cadent 3

    Speed and agility. Tough and nimble. Quick rides around the neighborhood after work or long rides on the weekends.

  • Track
    Raleigh Bicycles - track

    No longer confined to the banked walls of the velodromes. Track bikes have jumped the walls and found themselves in the rough and unforgiving city streets. Get on, strap in and hold on…you’re in for a ride like nothing else out there.