• Fitness
    Raleigh Bicycles - urban - fitness

    Speed and agility. Tough and nimble. Quick rides around the neighborhood after work or long rides on the weekends.

  • Metro
    Raleigh Bicycles - urban - metro

    When the first thing you’re looking for in a bike is comfort, look no further than our Metro bikes. Features to create an enjoy- able ride experience include; laid back positions, large comfortable saddles, upright handlebars and easy shifting gears, all creating an experience of pure comfort...

  • Urban Utility
    Raleigh Bicycles - urban - urban utility

    Urban work horse. Well suited on city streets and local Rails to Trails. When looking for a bike that yearns for some trail time as much as it does being abused by potholes, you’ve found the Misceo and Mesika.

  • All-Road
    Raleigh Bicycles - urban - all-road

    Maybe your commute is a little longer and the weather report just reminds you what to wear. Maybe your route isn’t all super smooth asphalt and free of steep hills and stop lights. Maybe, our All-Road bikes are exactly what you need.

  • Comfort
    Raleigh Bicycles - urban - comfort

    Designing a bike that is comfortable and efficient is not as easy as one might think. We’ve examined every point of the bike that makes contact with you, and optimized them to create the most comfortable, yet efficient bikes available.

  • Cruiser
    Raleigh Bicycles - urban - cruiser

    Bikes were made to be fun. And nothing has ever captured the pure simple enjoyment of riding a bike like the way cruisers have. Which is why they have remained relatively unchanged over the years. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

  • Heritage Urban
    Raleigh Bicycles - urban - heritage urban

    This is where it all began. This is our Past, our Present, and our Future. Raleigh took a simple passion and turned it into 127 years of legacy. It is the bikes we make today that will live on to see future generations discover a simple two wheeled machine and continue the love affair we’ve had with them since 1887.