• Cyclocross
    Raleigh Bicycles - womens - cyclocross-RXCPro.jpg

    Perhaps our favorite discipline. Nothing compares to pegging yourself full gas for 60 minutes on a course that is constantly changing underneath your tires. Every lap a new line. Every lap a new heckle. Every lap a different muddy grin.

  • Fitness
    Raleigh Bicycles - womens - fitness-Alysa4

    Speed and agility. Tough and nimble. Quick rides around the neighborhood after work or long rides on the weekends.

  • Mountain
    Raleigh Bicycles - womens -mountain-TekoaCarbonPro

    Mountain bikes continue to develop and evolve at every switchback. Our passion for the dirt has pushed us to continue to develop our strongest line of Mountain Bikes ever, that is highlighted by our introduction of our brand new Ziva race bike...