Road Magazine Raves About Raleigh's Revenio Carbon 3

The April issue of Road Magazine featured an outstanding review of Raleigh's Revenio Carbon 3. 

The Revenio Carbon 3 is one of Raleigh’s premier road bikes that is featured at an exceptional price-point. As Road Magazine mentioned “the blend of stability, comfort and responsiveness makes the Revenio an excellent option for long distance enthusiast or even the budgeted racer."

Interested in the Revenio Carbon 3? Click here to learn more.

Editors Note: "The full carbon, Ultegra equipped Revenio, is perfect for the cash strapped rider with a V-8 engine looking for an efficient and affordable rig to put it in.”

For the full review of Raleigh’s Revenio Carbon 3 in Road Magazine, click here.

Posted by Craig Randall Thursday, February 13, 2014 8:28:00 AM Categories: Road Bikes